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The Naples Act

The Naples Act
• Placement option for students in an accredited private school that meets their individual educational needs.
What is the Naples Act?
• The Naples Act (NJ18A:46-14) is a New Jersey law passed in 1989. It allows public school districts to place special education students into accredited schools as long as the school meets specific standard and requirements.
• Naples placement requirements
1. The school is accredited by a recognized accrediting body.
2. The school most appropriately meets the student’s individual needs.
3. School staff is licensed or certified appropriately.
4. Services provided are non-discriminatory and non-sectarian
5. The school program meets all requirements under the law.
• Students whose individual needs can most appropriately be met in special education program outside of their school district. The Naples Act broadened the options available to parents and districts to better meet the needs of students who qualify for special education services.
When can the Naples Act be used?
• When the IEP team which includes, the child study team and the student’s parents determine that a student’s needs can most appropriately be met by an out of district placement, the Naples Act gives the child study team and parents the option to place student in an accredited private school.