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• Referrals for placement are made by your child’s local school district. Children may be placed when the IEP team (the child study team and child’s parents) determine that the child’s needs can most appropriately be met by an out of district placement. The school district may place your child in our school through The Naples Act (NJ18A:46-14)
• Tours are offered year round for interested families and school districts.
• If interested on tour or to speak to someone please call 732.548.7610.
Admission Process
• If interested in having your child considered for placement, the child study team should forward your child’s records to our school.
• Records are reviewed and if appropriate, an intake is offered.
• Following the intake, the child study team case manager is contacted regarding a decision.
• If your child is found to be an eligible candidate for admission, you and the child study team will made a decision on pursing placement at the You and Me School.
• If the IEP team is in agreement, a start date will be established.